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  1. What are membership requirements?

    -Complete the application with references
    -1st & Last Month fees must be paid for new members to join
    -Invitation only (existing members can invite new members)
    -21+ age requirements (may have to be sponsored by existing member)
    -Probation period of 60 days before full member status.

    2. What kind of events and activities does the club organize?

    -Concerts, market place crawls, comedy shows, experiences, dinners, open lounge 5 days per week.

    3. What are the frequency of events, and how much do they cost?

    -We will have different events each week and encourage ideas from members. Costs will vary.

    4. Is there a dress code and what are the rules to follow?

    – We will have specific events with a themed. However, during non themed events you are not required to dress up. Shoes and Shirt required to enter. Treat people the way you would like to be treated.

    5. What are the demographics of the fellow members? Are they Diverse in age, gender, and ethnicity, or exclusive to a certain group?

    -21+ required, all genders and ethnicities are welcome.

6. Is the club involved in any community outreach programs or social causes?

– We will be growing in the community as members decide from an array of different outreach programs and social causes to support.

7. How does the club communicate with its members? Is there a newsletter, email, or social media group?

-Communication will be through social media, newsletters, and emails. 

8. What are the benefits of being a members? Are there any discounts, exclusive privileges available to members?

-Benefits of being a member include: 2 Smoothies per month, 1 shirt each month, free entry into special events.

9. What are the expectations of members regarding participation and engagement with the club?

– We expect our members to sign an NDA. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Treat the club with the respect you would if it was your home or business.

10. What is the process for leaving the club? Are there any penalties or fees for doing so?

-If membership is unpaid or cancelled before 1 year contract, last month of membership is forfeited. 

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